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As you may be aware, as of December 31, 2010, the Eastman Kodak Company has shut down the Kodak Professional Service & Support division, and has ceased all service & support activity for all Kodak Professional Photographic Equipment products. NO PARTS OR SERVICE OF ANY KIND IS AVAILABLE FROM KODAK!!! However, as the Kodak HR500 Film Scanner is still in use by Pro Labs all over the world, the need for reliable parts and service will continue far into the future.

   We are the only source worldwide for the complete support of these very high quality production scanners. We are a team of former Kodak Professional Senior Service Engineers with many, many years of experience supporting this product. In fact, we have been involved with this product since its inception, at both Kodak and Bremson (the Kodak subsidiary company that built the scanners) and it is very likely that if you ever received service support from Kodak it was a member of our team that visited your lab. WE ARE THE EXPERTS! We have the largest inventory of parts available anywhere in the world, and whether your needs are hardware or software related, we can fix your machine. We also support all of the accessories  (auto-strip gates, slide attachments, long-roll attachments, etc.), and all of our work is guaranteed. In addition to one-time repair services, we offer several different options of service plans in order to provide peace of mind to anyone wanting to continue operating these unique high-speed production scanners and their accessories.

   We also have completely refurbished and warranted scanners for sale, and are always interested in purchasing any scanners and/or accessories you may have for sale, working or not.

   Please check out this website, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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